Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My Photography; Alice In Wonderland (college art pieces)

This photograph is of funnily enough an ornament of a rabbit sat next to a toadstool with mushrooms and little creatures surounding it i found in my garden, with a little handle clock i have in my house placed ontop.
I felt it was a breakthrouhg at the time because the lighting went really dark as i had just got back from college so i was panicing i couldnt get a good enough shot, but the strength of my camera and the objects themselves projected really nicely on the images.
I used a Sepia effect and Adjustable Threshold in quite strongly in this image, to give it that dated look like their antique objects portrayed modernly and abstract like.

I shrunk this image and compositied onto one of the images in one of my final photographs in my college piece, but the detail on this image itself is so much better.

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