Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My Photography; Abstract Portrait Shot *1

This particular image is one of my most recent photographs i have taken, and its a portrait of myself stylised in my own editorial fashion. I was feeling in a very creative mood and wanted to create a rather erie interesting photograph, nothing particulary inspired me for this image i just applied black liquid eyeliner, and black body jewels, and the rest was my own instinktive editing and i was and still am very proud of this shot. I used intense HSL filter in an advanced mode, however i faded it out ever so slightly because i diddnt want the image to look too edited so it would take away the detail and naturally skilled photography.

I took many before i achieved this image, but i loved my clawed hand positioning and and facial expression on this one so much it became my favourite, and i will forever continue creating more abstract fashion images like this one.

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